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Veterinary Dermatology

Dermatology 1

Your pet's skin problems can be heartbreaking and frustrating to manage. While some animal dermatology issues can be easily diagnosed and treated, others may be more chronic and difficult to identify. At Hope Springs, our experienced doctors provide comprehensive and thorough veterinary dermatology care to provide swift relief of basic and more advanced dermatological needs.

Our veterinarians provide dermatology care for animals that utilizes detailed diagnostic testing to help determine the cause of your pet's discomfort and condition. Commonly, allergies are to blame for your pet's constant itching, licking and scratching. We aim to treat and manage your pet's uncomfortable symptoms, while determining and resolving the underlying issue. Various animal allergy and dermatology conditions may require the use of specially formulated shampoos, topical and oral medications, food allergy assessment, allergy testing and injectable allergy medications. Ultimately, our goal in treating dog and cat allergy and dermatologyconditions is to provide quick relief for your pet, and peace of mind for you, their owner.

Whatever lumps, bumps, masses or nagging problems your pet's ears and skin may be experiencing, we have the capability to diagnose and guide efficient and appropriate treatment. Whether your pet's issues are behavior-related or environmental, our veterinary doctors are confident in evaluating your pet's specific needs, and finding a successful solution for your pet and your household.

Ask us today how we can provide veterinary dermatology care for your loved on, and help find the relief you're both looking for!

We want to help you stay well informed about preventive pet health care. Explore our pet health resources and advice below to learn more.