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Dewclaw Removal Services

Dewclaw 1

At Hope Springs, our talented veterinary team provides careful and effective dewclaw removal services in order to prevent injury in your dog or puppy. Your puppy's dewclaws are the toes or digits located on the inner aspect of his or her paw and are not used for walking. Removing your dog's dewclaws will prevent these weakly attached digits from getting tangled or caught in brush or long grass, which can lead to painful injuries with a high risk of infection.

Dewclaw removal surgery for dogs is a fairly simple procedure that is generally performed at 3-5 days of age (usually coinciding with tail docking procedure). Most puppies recover successfully and without incident from this low risk surgery and do not have to undergo general anesthesia. Should you choose dewclaw removal for your puppy at an older age, we will typically remove them at the same time of their spay or neuter procedure, and will provide full anesthesia for their comfort and safety.

Ask us today about our safe and effective dewclaw removal services, and let our team of highly trained doctors support your puppy's health and comfort.

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