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Pet Microchip Service

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Each year, an estimated 10 million dogs or cats are lost or stolen in the United States, and missing pets rarely make it home on their own. Microchipping your dog or cat is the safest and simplest way to guarantee your pet's safety should an emergency arise, and they become lost or stolen.

Many pets, especially indoor pets, do not wear tags or collars, making it increasingly difficult to identify a lost pet's owner and home. Even pets who do wear tags or collars are at risk, as they may become damaged, unreadable or break off, rendering them useless in aiding your pet's safe return. 

The Pet microchip service at Hope Springs requires a quick and easy implantation procedure. Microchip implantation takes just a few minutes to complete, and includes placing a grain-sized microchip just beneath your pet's skin, between their shoulder blades. This microchip carries important information about your specific pet, and once in place, will include your pet in a national recovery database. Should your pet go lost or missing, any veterinary hospital, animal shelter or animal control office across the country will be equipped with electronic scanners that can both detect and read the microchip in your pet. Once your pet's microchip is scanned and reported to the recovery database, the microchip company will be alerted of your pet's safe identification, and you will be contacted directly to be reunited with your pet.

Pets of all ages may receive a microchip. Whether your pet is a young puppy or kitten, or an older dog or cat, microchipping is the safest, most effective means of preventing and protecting your pet from risk. 

Find peace of mind and ensure security for your pet, and contact us today to ask us about microchipping your dog or cat. 

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